Team Spotlight – Angelika Machi


As our in-house Listing Manager, Angelika works closely with our clients throughout the entire listing process to ensure that their home is set up for ultimate selling success. Angelika’s core strengths in relationship building and project management brings great value to the RPG team.

Known by her teammates for being a forward thinker who’s always two steps ahead of the process, Angelika’s attention to detail and her ability to listen and communicate clearly and concisely every step of the way—truly elevates the listing experience for our RPG clients.

From the moment you decide to list your home, all the way through to closing day, you can count on Angelika to help make your listing experience smooth, easy, and successful.

When not meeting with clients or coordinating listings, you can find Angelika spending quality time with her four children, taking long walks around the neighborhood with her dog, and planning trips to the beach in search of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, lighthouses, and sea glass that she collects and turns into beautiful pieces of art.

Full Spotlight Article: Angelika Machi (RPG’s Listing Manager)

Meet Angelika Machi, our in-house Listing Manager here at Rice Properties Group who works closely with each of our amazing clients throughout the entire listing process to ensure that their listing experience with us is set up for success.

Today, we’re putting Angelika in the spotlight by sharing her RPG story so you can get to know this amazing part of our family a little better.

Finding The Perfect Listing Manager

When we initially set out to grow our RPG Team, we had several different core skills and qualities that we were looking for in a potential new hire…

We knew we needed to find someone who could wear many different hats throughout the work week, as well as juggle multiple different projects and tasks in a timely and efficient manner, without letting anything fall through the cracks. But, more importantly, we also knew that this role would require so much more than someone who could handle the backend organizational piece of the equation…

In order to help us grow our Rice family brand, we knew we needed to find someone who valued relational transactions over business transactions. This of course meant we were looking for someone with strong relationship building skills, who could work with different kinds of people throughout the day, while still being able to maintain a high level of exceptional service that’s catered to each of our clients individually, based on their own unique situations and needs.

If this sounds like a hard role to fill, we’ll be the first to admit that it absolutely is…

And that’s exactly why we’re so grateful to have found all of this and so much more in Angelika Machi!

“Angelika is unbelievably organized. I myself am OCD about things, but the way that Angelika works, the fact that she’s always two steps ahead of the process, well I can’t say enough about how much I value that from her. That alone enables me to feel confident and have that peace in knowing that Angelika has every one of our client’s best interests covered.” —Ryan Ryce, Owner and Lead Sales Agent at Rice Properties Group shares about Angela Machi.

Angelika’s Life Before Joining The RPG Family

Angelika graduated from Johns Hopkins University School of Education with a Master of Arts degree in Teaching, before going on to serve in a career as a program coordinator in the professional development department of an educational association.This is where Angelika learned how to coordinate logistics for multiple large-scale events, helping her to build strong project management skills and exceptional time management and organizational skills.

Having also had the opportunity to hold the role of teacher and professional developer has taught Angelika a great deal of patience and empathy when it comes to working with different kinds of people and personality types.

All of this, coupled with the experience Angelika also gained working within the real estate industry, in the New Home Sales market, truly primed Angelika for the role she would later take on when joining our budding RPG family.

What Exactly Does A Listing Manager Do?

Let’s just say that a Listing Manager does a little bit of everything! 

There’s so much more than meets the eye when it comes to helping clients list their home for sale. The sheer amount of planning and coordination involved in this process, requires extensive oversight and forward thinking.

A Listing Manager handles numerous behind the scenes details such as drafting the listing paperwork, pulling together competitive marketing analysis reports, helping homeowners prepare their home for listings, coordinating photography, making sure the home is clean and photo ready, coordinating showings and show times with our sellers, crafting the listing description, choosing the best pictures and videos for the MLS, and so much more.

And, since the listing process can be an extremely emotional experience for sellers preparing to close a massive chapter of their life, it must be approached with great care and concern by the Listing Agent’s team to ensure that the next few months aren’t filled with stress and strife. 

But, thankfully for sellers who list with Rice Properties Group, they can count on Angelika to help them stay two steps ahead throughout the entire process.

“The success of each listing hinges on staying on top of a million moving parts at once, and I think certain aspects of Angelika’s personality really give’s her an edge over other listing managers out there. Some of the unique core personality traits that make her amazing is that she’s a great listener, she’s extremely conscientious about the future— meaning she takes into account all of the possible outcomes of a scenario whether good or bad in order to stay two steps ahead of the process—and her attention to detail is huge because she gets ahead of things before they ever become an issue. In doing so she truly elevates the listing experience for RPG’s clients.” —Sarah Creech, RPG’s Team Lead shares about Angelika’s role as their Listing Manager.

When working with our RPG clients, Angelika shared that she does her best to put herself in their shoes in order to truly understand what they need and what they’re going through, so she can figure out how she can serve them best.

“No two homes are the same and no two sellers are in the same situation, either,” Angelika shares.

Her ultimate goal throughout the listing process is to help shield our sellers from the stress that comes with listing a home for sale by keeping the process moving smoothly from pre-listing all the way through to closing, mitigating any potential problems before they arise, and providing clear and concise communication so our clients can feel confident that the RPG Family has them covered.

“Angelika’s professionalism and her ability to see things before they happen is a great advantage to both our clients and the RPG team. There’s this sense of calm that I feel when I think of Angelika as I know that when she’s involved, I don’t have to worry about a thing because she’ll take care of our clients and everything that happens in between.” —Lindsay Rice, Managing Partner at Rice Properties Group shares.

At Rice Properties Group, Listing Your Home Is More Than An Afterthought

For new clients looking to list their home with RPG, they can expect to meet Angelika during their listing appointment.

By attending our listing appointments alongside our RPG Sales Agent, Angelika has the opportunity to meet our clients face-to-face so she can get to know them and their needs, feel the vibe of their house, and learn more about the story behind the home so she can paint the perfect MLS listing that accurately describes the feeling of the home and enables new prospective homebuyers to envision what their life could look like living in it.

“It has been so exciting to witness Angelika grow in her confidence, strength, and her willingness to speak up. I love going on listing appointments with Angelika, because I can count on her to help fill in gaps and give valuable input to our clients that goes a long way in helping them to see that it’s not just me here that they can trust—they can put their trust in our entire team. Angelika is a massive asset to Rice Properties Group, and brings so much value and knowledge to our clients. I’m so grateful to have her on our team.” —Ryan Rice shares.

Favorite Things About Being On The RPG Team

When it comes to our unique dedication in treating each of our clients like family, Angelika shares that there’s no better example of this than what she sees every day in RPG Founder—Ryan Rice’s actions. She credits Ryan for being one of the main reasons why clients choose RPG time and time again.

“Ryan’s compassion for others is evident in everything he does. He’s almost like a therapist. People feel comfortable sharing with him and he’s engaged in conversations with members of our community daily,” Angelika shares.    

She also shared that she values the fact that both Ryan and Lindsay Rice are passionate about their team’s mental health. Every RPG team member receives one Mental Health Day each quarter to take as needed, which is a benefit she appreciates. In addition, every year the team participates in a 5K to raise money for NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness), during which RPG matches every donation raised by the RPG Community.

What “Home” Means To Angelika Machi

Since we’re in the business of helping our clients buy and sell their homes, we thought it would be fun to ask each of our team members what the word “home” means to them. And here’s what Angelika had to share:

“Home is a place where we can feel comfortable and safe, so we can relax and unwind. Somewhere we can welcome in our family and friends.”

And while she feels like this isn’t always achievable—especially not with busy family schedules and numerous other factors added into the mix, the overall idea of home is something she strives to achieve for herself, and for the clients she helps.

Angelika’s Life Outside Of RPG

When not meeting with clients or coordinating the listing process, you can find Angelika spending quality time with her four children, taking long walks around the neighborhood with her dog, and planning trips to the beach in search of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, lighthouses, and sea glass that she collects and turns into beautiful pieces of art. Having grown up in California, where her family often ventured out to the beach, instilled a love of the salt life in Angelika, who dreams of oneday owning a piece of beachfront property.

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