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Sarah Creech is Rice Properties Group’s Director of Sales. As the first to join our growing RPG family, Sarah has held many roles with us and has been instrumental in helping us to build and grow our thriving real estate business.

Sarah’s teammates look to her for guidance, support, and hands-on training as our director of sales. Her customer service, leadership skills, and knowledge of the real estate industry enable her to lead our team in implementing and delineating the many tasks required from beginning to end throughout the entire real estate transaction.

Sarah’s deep commitment to supporting and ensuring the success of her teammates and delivering outstanding customer service to our RPG clients shines through in all she does.

When Sarah isn’t working with our team, you can find her spending quality time at home with her loved ones and her adorably adorable dog Gozer. As a native of Northern Virginia, Sarah recently made her first big move ever to the Treasure Coast in Florida alongside her boyfriend Donald, where she’s currently enjoying the warm weather and views from her marina-side condo

Full Spotlight Article on Sarah

If you were to ask Sarah Creech what she does at Rice Properties Group, she’d tell you “Anything her teammates need,” and she means it. As the first full-time hire on our growing team, Sarah, a native of Northern Virginia, helped Ryan and Lindsay Rice build the thriving real estate business that RPG is today. And to help you get to know this integral part of our team a little better, we’re putting Sarah in the spotlight…

What Does A Director of Sales Do?

When we were looking to fill our director of sales role, we knew we needed to find the right person who was a culture fit and who believed in our mission to fill the spot.

Some of a director of sales’ key responsibilities include solving problems, managing and leading the team, onboarding and training new team members, managing employee performance, and ensuring the team remains motivated and that everyone has the tools they need to succeed.

Even more importantly, a director of sales for Rice Properties Group would need to be trustworthy and respected by our team and our clients, and they absolutely had to genuinely care for the health, safety, and wellbeing of all of our people.

When it came to finding someone with all of these qualities, who also fit in well with our team, we didn’t have to look far…

We already had a team member who was doing everything a director of sales does and more—Sarah Creech. Sarah was already viewed as a leader by her coworkers, which made her promotion into the Director of Sales role a natural change for everyone on the team.

“Sarah has grown so much with us. When it comes to her role today as Director of Sales, she was already doing that role well before she got the title. But I have to say that watching her really grow into that role as a director of sales, seeing how much her team looks up to her and respects her has been really amazing to witness.” —Lindsay Rice, Managing Partner of Rice Properties Group shares about Sarah Creech.

In her role, Sarah leads our team in the day-to-day operations and keeps a pulse on everything RPG. From working with clients to helping build and implement more efficient internal systems, Sarah has worn many hats in her time here and is the first person her teammates turn to when they have a question.

When it comes to how Sarah gained the skills she has today, let’s take a step back and look at Sarah’s career before joining Rice Properties Group.

Why Sarah Chose Rice Properties Group

Sarah shared that she still remembers some of the details about the job posting she applied for here at Rice Properties Group. Our first formal career opportunity posting ever had stated that we were looking to find someone who could wear many hats and help two entrepreneurs grow their business. And while Sarah didn’t have any direct experience in real estate, she had a good feeling about the job, so she hit “apply.”

When Sarah’s resume came across our desk, a few things stood out to us making us want to call her in for an interview. Sarah’s resume proved that she had experience in high-level customer service, as well as an impressive educational background which took a certain level of dedication and commitment. So, after an extensive interview process with numerous phone calls and in-person meetings with us, Sarah became our first official RPG new hire.

Sarah tells us that our interview approach sold her when it came to accepting the position with Rice Properties Group, as we took the time to get to know her better—what motivated her, what goals she set, and what dreams she had for her future.

This personalized approach is not unique to RPG’s hiring process. It’s part of who we are and how we treat clients and teammates. And it’s what sets us apart from other real estate companies. Caring about our people and delivering outstanding experiences is what RPG is all about, and it’s exactly why Sarah joined our team.

Since that day, Sarah has worn many hats for us here at Rice Properties Group. She’s seen us grow from her being the only full-time employee to now being one of many. She credits RPG for teaching her about the industry and getting her into the right courses at the right time, and she couldn’t be more grateful for it.

“I’ve watched Sarah grow tremendously over the past four years with our organization. She’s incredibly loyal, and her proof of commitment makes me proud to be a part of her journey, and grateful that she’s taken this journey with us. The way she pours into Rice Properties Group and every one of our clients is a huge part of our success!” —Ryan Rice shares about teammate Sarah Creech

Sarah’s Journey With Rice Properties Group

“People may be purchasing a home as a financial investment, but there’s a huge emotional component to the transaction as well. That’s something we understand and keep in mind when helping our clients.” —Sarah shares about the RPG difference.

As Director of Sales, Sarah’s focus today is to support her teammates so they can flourish in their roles and deliver outstanding customer experiences to Rice Properties Group’s clients. When it comes to helping her teammates deliver on this promise day-to-day, Sarah is always willing to jump in and help out wherever she’s needed.

Sarah regularly checks in with every member of the team to ensure that they have all of the tools and support they need to do their job. She’s also responsible for onboarding new team members and helping to address any escalated customer care needs, as well as helping to plan client care events.

When it comes to her team, Sarah shared that the Rice Properties Group team is made up of talented, intelligent, and wonderful people who are all focused on the same goal—next-level client satisfaction.

“We raise the bar in what we do. In every single way, we want to be the best.” – Sarah shares.

Sarah has enjoyed being part of the RPG difference, and watching the team and the company grow. This is one of the many reasons why she was so torn last year when she was faced with the potential of having to say goodbye to RPG for good…

In 2021, Sarah faced a difficult decision when the opportunity to move to Florida with her boyfriend, Don arose. Moving to Florida would mean moving away from the family she loves. And it meant possibly leaving another family—our RPG family.

But, thankfully for Sarah, she didn’t have to make an all-or-nothing deal…

While we understood that it would be a big change and a sacrifice to have a 100% remote team member at RPG, we also knew that we didn’t want to lose Sarah from our team. Since Sarah’s a high performer who’s trustworthy and dedicated, we decided to give her remote role a try, and we’re glad we did!

“We weren’t really sure it was going to work. It’s not ideal to have a team member not be local. But, Sarah hasn’t missed a beat. She stays on top of everything, so much so that it’s hard to tell that she’s in a whole other state. I’m just grateful we were able to make it work.” Ryan Rice shares about teammate Sarah Creech.

What Does Home Mean to Sarah?

Home is about familiarity, according to Sarah, who feels being around people and things you love is important. She went on to share that it’s not where home is, it’s about who you’re with that brings forward memories and provides comfort and a sense of security.

On A More Personal Note

When Sarah isn’t working with our team, you can find her spending quality time at home with her loved ones and her fur-baby Gozer. As a native of northern Virginia, Sarah recently made her first big move ever to the Treasure Coast in Florida alongside her boyfriend Donald, where she’s currently enjoying the warm weather and views from her marina-side condo.

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