Preparing Your Home for a Photo Shoot

 If you are planning on listing your home for sale in the spring, the preparation involved has surely already begun. Decluttering, cleaning, painting…oh my! If you’ve read our other helpful blogs, you will know what suggestions we have provided for getting your home sale ready. (You can read that blog here: Once all of those tasks have been tackled, you will move into the final phase of listing your home for sale. Together with your agent, you will decide on a “Go Live” date, when your home will be available for showings. To properly market your home, however, your agent should be having a professional photographer and videographer come to your home to take lots of great photos of your home. As we know, must home buyers these days make a decision whether to view a home based off of the pictures they see online. So the importance of having your home show well in these photos is incredibly important! We’ve listed some great suggestions on what final tasks you should focus on the days leading up to the photo shoot:


      • Close the windows and put blinds down

      • Sweep front stoop and any cobwebs from windows and doors

      • Wipe any storm doors free of handprints/smudges

      • Park your car on the street or in an enclosed garage

      • Make sure your yard is cleaned up of sticks and leaves

      • Remove any children’s or pet toys

      • Hide garbage cans/bins out of sight

      • Close any gates and garage doors

      • For homes with pools/hot tubs, please remove all pool toys, visible cleaning supplies, and equipment

      • Uncover any yard furniture

      • Make sure grills are covered unless cover is worn

    Interior – General

        • Clear any clutter and personal items. Hide them away in an enclosed closet or cabinet

        • Make sure the home has been cleaned (dusted/floors clean/countertops wiped down/showers and tubs cleaned)

        • Turn on all lights and lamps throughout the home.

        • Hide any visible cords

        • Put away all children’s or pet’s toys

        • Dining Room – Clear everything but a small centerpiece

        • Remove as many personal photos as possible

        • Remove anything with children’s names on them

        • Remove any pet supplies/bedding


          • Remove all refrigerator magnets, photos, artwork, etc.

          • Clear the top of the fridge

          • Clean off kitchen countertops of any appliances. Wipe down where appliances were housed

          • Put away all cleaning supplies (vacuums, brooms, etc)

          • Put away all towels and oven mitts, including wash rags and dish towels

          • Hide the garbage can in a closet or pantry


            • Make the beds

            • Remove any visible stored items under the bed

            • Put away all shoes and clothing

            • Clear the bedside tables; leave only the lamp, clock, and one or two books

            • Clear the top of the dresser of most items (especially makeup and jewelry)

          Walk-in Closet

              • Tidy-up the closet by organizing/ sorting clothing and shoes

              • Matching hangers are a nice touch


                • Open the shower curtains

                • Put down the toilet seat

                • Put out fresh, matching towels

                • Hide all bath products from the tub/shower including bars of soap, shampoo & conditioner, washcloths, etc.

                • Hide all bath products from the sink including hand soap, makeup, etc. decorative soaps can stay Hide all appliances including the hair drier, curling iron, etc.

                • Hide all air fresheners including those that plug in

                • Hide all cleaning products, including toilet brushes and plungers

                • Empty trash cans

              Home Office

                  • Hide any visible cords

                  • Put away all paperwork


                    • Pets must be properly restrained, or the photographer reserves the right not to enter the property

                    • It is the homeowner’s or agent’s responsibility to keep the pets out of the shot

                    • Put away all toys, food and water bowls, and litter boxes


                  example 1: Living spaces

                  Neat and tidy; fresh flowers on centerpiece; personal items removed   VS

                  Shoes, dog bowls, and items hanging on hooks should be removed

                  example 2: kitchen

                  Kitchen is free of most countertop appliances; towels and oven mitts  VS removed

                                                                                                                                                                      Too much clutter on countertops; personal items and papers on desk visible 

                  example 3: bedrooms

                  Bed made, night stands free of items; personal items packed away       VS


                      Too much clutter and personal items out on dresser

                  example 4: Laundry room

                  Clean and free of any clothes, detergent, or stacked shelves                      VS

                      Cluttered, unfinished, and uninviting space

                  Example 5: outdoor space

                  Clean and neat, inviting space free of garden tools or overflow               VS  storage 

                  Kid toys and lawn equipment should be hidden away; stage with seating furniture, if available 

                  Now you know some of the most important steps for preparing your home for sale in the spring. Although this preparation may feel overwhelming, taking it one step at a time and including creative touches will go a long way towards achieving a successful sale. As you embark on this journey, remember to stay mindful of your budget and use decorating and organizing tips from experienced professionals to really showcase the best parts of your home. And should you need some extra help along the way, don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation, our team is always available! At the end of it all, whatever direction you choose, an organized and updated home may just be the key to unlocking that perfect buyer in no time!

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